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Whenever, wherever, online learning is available for your convenience. Indulge the flexibility and autonomy associated with an online program or explore these benefits within one of our online courses.
Online learning allows you to balance family, career, and personal interests while still achieving your educational goals.

 Online Programs

AU offers over fifteen degree programs & certificates that span an extensive spectrum of educational fields including Nursing, Engineering, Education, and Health Sciences. No matter how great your aspirations, you will be guided to their fulfillment.  Want to see what these programs are all about?
Are you an out-of-state student? When you enroll in an eligible online program you will receive in-state tuition. 

 Online Courses

Are you looking for a more flexible schedule?
Many on-campus programs include the option to take online courses. Numerous general education courses are also offered online.
Decide which online course is for you!