Alhosn University has always been a global hub of educational excellence, we have received certifications from multiple regional and international accreditation bodies. We also have received recommendations of some of the top e-learning regulatory and promotional groups. This assures that our students get only the best online instruction available & also keeps us striving to progress in terms of contents of our online courses & programs.

All degree, diploma, Postgraduate and certification programs at Alhosn University undergo a stringent evaluation process whereby each is tested in terms of affordability, flexibility, quality of course content and learning curves of students. Each program has successfully passed the evaluation process of our top accreditation and quality assurance agencies which include the following:

US Accreditation Board


USAB is an international accrediting body for degree-granting post-secondary programs in engineering, health sciences, business management, nursing, criminal justice, law and legal studies, fire sciences, applied arts, social services, performing arts, natural sciences and other disciplines.

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Middle East Higher Education Commission


Middle East Higher Education Commission accredits and recognizes educational institutions that are offering quality education to the students of not only this region but to the students from all around the world. Our aim is to set high quality standards for educational institutions offering higher education.

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Higher Education Commission for Gulf Region

HECGR is a well renowned, international accrediting council that is based in the gulf region but has its presence all around the world. HECGR provides different educational services including credit equivalency service for students seeking better educational opportunities.

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European Council for Online Learning


ECFOL has a mission of creating feasible and more reachable educational opportunities for students in the whole European region and all around the world. We are achieving our target of setting higher and equal standards for the quality of higher education, marvelously.

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