Alhosn University Faculty

University of Alhosn is a top-rated online institution owing to its unmatched educational system and competent faculty consisting of world- class scholars and industry experts. University of Alhosn faculty members come from all corners of the world, bringing with them the valuable knowledge and expertise. At University of Alhosn, we have both full-time and part-time educators who are involved in the designing and development of the courses and study programs. They also manage the assessments of class work and assignments. They also facilitate students in providing them recommendation letters for better job placements globally.

Faculty Composition At University of Alhosn

Full Time Part Time Total
Engineering 116 99 215
Applied Arts & Performing Arts 112 51 163
Computer Science 163 28 191
Criminal Justice, Law & Legal Studies 112 77 189
Natural Science & Psychology 503 255 758

Full Time

Part Time

Business & Management 821 145 966
Education 421 37 458
Health Science 247 10 257
Political Science & Social Services 137 33 170
Social Science 421 54 475
Our Featured Faculty 

 Cameron Wagner
Professor - School of Engineering
Dr. Wagner supervises researches at the University of Alhosn, primarily in the Robotics but his work is spread over multiple disciplines including 3D Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, 3D Modeling and Visualization.


Robotics, Vision, 3-D modeling

 Rebecca Wilmoth
Associate Professor - School of Business & Management
Rebecca Wilmoth joined University of Alhosn as an associate professor in 2016. She graduated from Cornell state university in 2011, after which, she served as a Senior Lecturer there while completing her research.
       Algorithmic Game Theory and Economics,
                           Complexity Theory

Robert Foreman

Professor - School of Computer Sciences
With over a decade of experience in teaching and supervising researches, Professor Robert Foreman is a prominent faculty member in the Computer Science department at University of Alhosn.
       Networked Algorithms,
                                  Social Networks, Mobile
                                  Computing, Stochastic Networks
Kay Byram
Professor - School of Psychology
Kay Byram is a professor at the department of Computer science at University of Alhosn. He has extensive experience in his field, with a keen interest in machine learning and natural language processing. Byram is a member of the Speech and language technical committee.
       Natural Language Processing,
                          Machine Learning

Celinda Ocasio

Professor - School of Engineering
Celinda Ocasio is a computer neurolinguistics scientist and a notable faculty at the University of Alhosn. She is working on making a breakthrough in the computational linguistics by using resources from computer science and linguistics to simplify language processing.
   Computational Linguistics/Natural
                     Language Processing, prosody

Karen Miranda
Professor - School of Education
Prof. Karen Miranda is PhD in Professional Education and is currently pursuing her second PhD in Education policy and program evaluation. She has published various papers on Educational Culture, Institution and society, along with some of her extensive works.
       Teaching, emotional speech,
                        spoken dialogue systems


Faculty Demographics & Benefits

Academic Personnel Office

The mission of the Academic Personnel Office is to ensure the continued excellence of University of Alhosn's entire academic staff so that our university can fulfill its core missions: offering broad access to a superb education, pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge, and serving the public good.

Academic Job Listings

Assistant Professor Required Engineering New Haven, CT 15 - April - 2019
Postdoctoral Associate, Physical History of Art Applied Arts New Haven, CT 15 - April - 2019
Assistant Professor Required Computer Science New Haven, CT 15 - April - 2019